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AA and AAA Rechargeable Batteries

As a Busker on the streets of New Orleans's French Quarter I can tell you that choos

ing the right rechargeable AA and AAA batteries last longer, and cost less, and that means less waste and thats better for the planet. I have found that many rechargeable batteries

perform somewhat the same but when you need something to hold up for I long day of busking I ha found that several models—including AAs and AAAs from EBL, held up in the NOLAs humidity.

I've found a very important issue which will affect your probability of earning as much as you can heavily depends on the quality and stamina of your rechargeable batteries. Disposables can't compete over time in that they are very expensive and last approximately 2 maybe 3 days at best . I use AAs and AAAs from EBL because, I batteries that I can depend on for my street amp and my wireless mic set up. The instructions suggest that, for optimal performance when you first charge your new batteries you charge them fully and not recharge again until the batteries are completely drained. The charging stations have a indicator light for each battery which shows red for when they are dead or almost dead, it changes to a light green when they have a little bit of a charge and a darker green light when they are fully charged.


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