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This Busker's Favorite Power Bank/USB Portable Charger

Being a Busker requires being prepared so your not stuck without power when you need it most. Whether its a battery boost for my tablet, iPhone or any USB portable device I depend on. USB power banks aka portable chargers can be the difference between a profitable day and a let down. For my money I like to bet on INIU Power Banks.

Busking full time in extreme conditions using the public transit system your constantly checking schedule times, weather conditions, bus routes, posting your location at a moments notice once you lock down a spot as well as having the ability to charge for merchandise and collect tips electronically (thank you Venmo, Cashapp, PayPal, and all the other apps that provide artist a way to maximize making great money doing what you love independently.). Seriously, when it comes to having multiple full charges from a dead device I have yet to top this sucker!

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