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Niko Lorraine, a native Houstonian now living in New Orleans and Indie folk/rock singer/songwriter first fell in love with music as a small child listening and singing along with her Mama to Classic Country and , Blues, R&B and Classic Rock songs on the radio.  Encouraged by awards earned in local, state and regional competitions she began looking for opportunities to continue to share her talents.  After being invited to sing onstage at Matthia's Irish pub she was hooked.  A friend, believing in her bought her her 1st guitar at 24 which she used to teach herself to play.  At 28 she hooked up with duo partner Shauntel Lyons to create the band Symplisity which lead to numerous opportunities to play at various local clubs (such as The Rhythm Room, Mucky Duck's, Fitzgerald's, Shakesphere's Pub, Chance's, J P Hops House, etc.) festivals (Tamina folk festival and Heights Festival) and on 90.1 KPFT on several occasions. Now, the 2nd time around she is on her own & just as fierce!  Her debut album, 'Naked', a stripped down simplistic version of her original songs is followed up by her 2nd hard hitting and masterfully produced album 'Feast Or Famine' has just been released and promises to display a marriage of all of the styles that makeup her southern folk rock roots.  Often over the last 10 years to be compared to the likes of Tracy Chapman & Ruthie Foster she will definitely blow your mind and possibly your eardrums with her powerhouse voice!  

"A powerful new voice to be
reckoned with... "

                                                             - GigSalad

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